Judy Kendall, Marriage and Family Therapy


Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist

Calif. Lic. No. 47481; NPI 1447356456

Central Marin County
1368 Lincoln Ave,
San Rafael, CA 94901

East Bay
1635 Solano Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94707

Weekdays by appointment
(415) 747-5411 phone
(415) 729-1838 fax

P.O. Box 6325
Albany, CA 94706




Mental Health Services

Provided therapy to
Special Education students
with mental health needs.

Marin County
Children’s Crisis Intervention

at Psychiatric Emergency Services, assessing children for hospitalization and acute care;

Children’s System of Care
therapy, based at Juvenile Services, providing court-ordered therapy
to juvenile offenders;

Critical Incident Stress Management
On-Call Therapy, conducting group debriefing and defusing following life-threatening events in the community, in schools, in agencies, in businesses, and in homes;

School-Based Counseling
in South American,
South African,
and U.S. schools,
K though 12.

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My name is Judy Kendall. I specialize in family, couples, and individual psychotherapy for children and adults who experience anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, low motivation, and hampered success, and who want change. A history of sticky discord and moodiness is often caused by pre-conscious or unreconciled troubling experiences that trigger us. They hinder our capacity to handle things to the best of our abilities or they cause wires to get crossed in our efforts to communicate harmoniously with one another. When troubles interfere with our happiness and hinder loving intimacy, companionship, and success, they need attention. Insight and exploration can help to unlock the chains that bind one to repeating patterns that just get more of the same painful results and hardship.
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The safety and privacy of the psychotherapy session is the place to work toward freeing ourselves of our historical burdens and day-to-day conflicts. The weight of our troubles can be lifted.  Lasting change for the better can indeed happen with mindful attention to ourselves. I would be honored to support you and share in your healing endeavors by providing you–and your family or partner–with a safe place for confidential exploration toward discovery and lasting change.

I apply Family Systems and Insight-oriented Therapy with a treatment emphasis on early attachment and Object Relations Theory.  Weekly therapy is conducted in English or Spanish at my office addresses noted in the left margin. Please call to discuss your needs and wishes and to see if we could be a good match (see “Selecting A Therapist: Are We A Match?” below).

Depression &
Crisis Support

Depression and Crisis Support

  • Exploration and insight-oriented therapy
  • Sensitivity to special needs and diversity
  • Urgent intervention, treatment and
    mental health service networking
  • Collaboration with psychiatrists for medication needs
  • Both East Bay and Marin County office scheduling available

Anxiety &
Anger Management

Anger Management

  • Treatment of anxiety, panic, and phobias
  • Oppositional/defiant behaviors in children and adolescents
  • Child therapy (esp. ages 10-18)
  • Trauma recovery
  • Cross-cultural conflict
  • Work/school-related troubles

Case Management

  • Case management for complex, multi-faceted needs including collaboration with acute care services, school staff, health care professionals, and other community services
  • Intercultural counseling and networking services
  • Spanish language therapy and services

Developing Confidence

  • Support and encouragement
  • Coping with and managing learning disabilities
  • Finding positive role models
  • Developing determination
  • Relinquishing the past
  • Building on success
  • Setting and achieving goals


I am a native expatriate. My therapeutic base is founded on international, intercultural, and interpersonal experiences that have spanned a collection of social climates and communities. Living and working abroad for 17 years in Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia, as well as locally in Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Marin Counties has taught me that the heart transcends all.  Every human being has the gift of a loving heart capable of joyful intimacy and tenderness–a heart that needs holding, comforting, attending, and celebrating to flourish. I have spent the past 29 years devoting myself to the happiness of children, adolescents, and parents at the juncture between education and mental health to celebrate this gift.
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Since 1991, I have provided adult and child counseling and psychotherapy in public and private educational and mental health institutions: schools with entire student bodies on public assistance as well as those attended by children of the world’s embassy staff and international corporate heads; some had troubling trauma and others were healthy souls reaching for more; some were gang-involved juvenile offenders and others were doctors, lawyers, and ambassadors; some were migrant minorities and others were multi-generational Americans.  I was struck by the sense that each individual was uniquely capable of compassion and love, each had his/her own times of strife, and each was capable of flourishing with support and a warm hand in times of need.   My own working goal was born out of these experiences: to make myself obsolete…to ensure that the foundational work toward wellness done in the therapy room carries on independently of our time together and fosters resilient, warm, supportive relationships with ourselves and others indefinitely.

I respect, admire, and welcome families, couples, and all individuals who are ready to heal–fearful, resistant, or eager as they might be–to repair…and to overcome obstacles to getting and achieving a rich, happy, peaceful, and love-filled life.

Selecting a Therapist:
Are We a Match?

Choosing a therapist while you are feeling vulnerable can provoke apprehension.  It’s important to take the time to carefully sort through the long list of therapists available in the community in order to find one with whom you feel safe and comfortable.

My clients are working on overcoming both small and large roadblocks to happiness. You may be a part of a family in which a child is not performing at academic potential, causing stress on family relations. You may be an individiual who professionally faces a demand for excellence in performing publicly, while within your personal world you may wrestle with depression that hinders progress, with pain from crippling conflict, or with unmanageable stress and anxiety that impairs your quality of life and health.
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You may battle to overcome the hardship of financial insolvency, even while your dreams yearn to be realized.  Or you might feel nagging dissatisfaction with the quality of your life and want to build something richer and more fulfilling.  Perhaps the relationship with your partner is off-kilter, thwarting dreams of safe and lasting intimacy.  Or you may be facing something else unique to you.

Whatever the personal circumstance, committing to the endeavor of developing rich, satisfying, supportive and loving relationships, building a rewarding and successful work life, and overcoming obstacles to growth deserves due attention, devotion and time. There is no real litmus test of a positive therapy connection until you give the therapy a try.  So, I encourage you to select two or three therapists who might suit your needs, and have a substantive 20-minute conversation, by phone, or better yet, in person, with each one to “test the waters” and communicate what you are looking for.  I would be happy to meet with you for this purpose, and I’d be honored to walk the journey of insight development and transformation to serve you in your efforts toward realizing your dreams and goals.

The initial 20-minute interview is free. Call 415-747-5411 or [ to arrange an appointment, and let’s begin your journey.